09 Mar 2015

From Flat to Farm house!

A question about : From Flat to Farm house!

Wow, big challenge ahead so I'll just start small by going from a lurker to a poster! Like many others I have become captivated and totally inspired by the daily updates of strangers battling their mortgages and would love to be a part of the community.

09 Mar 2015

misscousinitt's MF Diary

A question about : misscousinitt's MF Diary

Hi all

I have posted on here before about becoming MF, but not alot was done as we had the wedding last year and that seemed to take up most of our time.

We are debt-free, have savings and have a tiny mortgage compared to most (approx Ј19k) - but on a fixed rate of 6.29% until June 2012 - so not a huge scope for overpaying, but we want to make a start.

Mortgage and house has now been transferred into both our names so I thought that it was now the best time for us to start overpaying.

09 Mar 2015

My 2020 Vision

A question about : My 2020 Vision

After lurking and reading everyone else’s diaries I thought it was time I started my own to keep me on track. Our goal is to have paid off our mortgage by 2020, when we are both 50. I am not sure if this is possible but you gotta have a dream.title=Smile

We have made Ј2000 of overpayments so far this year from DH bonuses, PPI claims and money made from a few sales and extra bits that have come our way.title=Jumping

09 Mar 2015

I really really want to be........mortgage free!

A question about : I really really want to be........mortgage free!

Just starting an official diary of the countdown to getting mortgage free.

It will, I warn be a very long countdown! Currently standing at 140k and hoping to be mortgage free by 31.12.2020. That might be a little optimistic I know but that's what I'm hoping for.