09 Mar 2015

Apple muncher's number crunching

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Time for me to start a diary title=Jumping.

I work 2 days a week, dd is at school and dh was made redundant in the summer. We are living carefully, although the redundancy money is being nibbled away at of course. We are fortunate to have no debts other than the mortgage, so I would like to get rid of it! We'd also like to have a savings buffer - about 6 months' worth seems to be the rule of thumb.

09 Mar 2015

Second Time Lucky

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Having got very close to becoming mortgage-free (about Ј8000 remaining) on our first house, we will soon be moving into the house that we intend to live in for a very long time, which means taking on another mortgage.

09 Mar 2015

Baby Steps With Variable Income

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Hello MFW's,

09 Mar 2015

Breaking Through, Travelling On

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Hello title=Wave

I think a few people on this board know me already, from the dfw board title=Big