26 Feb 2015

Child Maintenance / Vouchers

A question about : Child Maintenance / Vouchers


I'm trying to come to an agreement with regards what I need to pay my soon to be ex wife, regards maintenance for our 3yr old boy.

He goes to nursery 5 days a week (9am - Midday). My mum has him 2 afternoons a week after nursery for the day, and he goes to childcare the remaining 3 afternoons.

Currently, my wife and I pay the maximum in childcare vouchers (Ј243).

26 Feb 2015

Maintenance Payments

A question about : Maintenance Payments


My 15 year old son has fallen out with my ex and is going to move in with me. My daughter is 17 but has left full time education and is working full time in McDonalds. She turns 18 at the end of October. I'm currently paying my ex Ј1500 per month maintenance and I think I can stop this but just wanted to check. If anybody knows that would be great ..


26 Feb 2015

Child Maintenance

A question about : Child Maintenance

Just a quickie.

My husband has 2 sons from his previous marriage. One is 19 and at university (just starting his second year), the other 17 and just starting an apprenticeship after dropping out of college after less than a year. Does he still have to pay maintenance to their Mum?

Please note - he's not trying to stop contributing/helping the boys out, rather to give money directly to the boys.

Thanks in advance.

26 Feb 2015

Financial Order After Bankruptcy

A question about : Financial Order After Bankruptcy

Hi this is my first time posting on this board, but have many posts on the bankrupcy board and find the help invaluable.

The reason for posing on this board is that I was made bankrupt in May 2014 shortly after divorced proceedings were concluded. I now find myself in a situation where my ex-wife is now applying for a Financial order against myself.