09 Mar 2015

How is everyone's routine?

A question about : How is everyone's routine?

I've been reading a few threads on this board and it seems that there is a consensus that we all want to be the best dads possible, but struggle managing to fit enough hours in the day. I was wondering what people's routine is, and does this ever change? I'm a fairly young dad (23) with a 8 month old, so any perspective from anyone would be fantastic

09 Mar 2015

Shaving Money Saving Ideas

A question about : Shaving Money Saving Ideas

So we all know the high cost of cartridge razors is pretty high and recently I have just got back in to double-edge shaving.
With blades less than 3p per unit, it seems like a pretty good step. However the creams and soaps can get really expensive but the smart price shaving foam is alright.

Some people suggest the Mach 3 is better than their 5-blade fusion, although it's been so long since I used either I can't remember.

Anyone else had any thoughts on this?

09 Mar 2015

advice on what to feed a toddler

A question about : advice on what to feed a toddler

my son and d-i-l have been visiting from abroad with my granddaughter who is 3. my d-i-l is a rather anxious person and determined everything must be perfect for her daughter. so she has been a big advocate for attachment parenting and also for a healthy diet . this means there is a very limited range of things Elsa can eat which d-i-l considers healthy. Elsa is tiny for her age and very thin but my d-i-l does not seem to connect the two things ie her weight and her diet

09 Mar 2015

CSA Calculations for a landlord Father

A question about : CSA Calculations for a landlord Father

I am not yet separated, but can possibly see it going thatway shortly.

I want to make sure I am straight from the off.

I have some of my income come via PAYE via a Ltd co and someof it via personally held BTL properties.

Am I correct in thinking that I need to include the weeklygross rent as income, or am I to deduct expenses, like mortgage payments? (as Iwould with my tax return?)

Any help appreciated