22 Mar 2015

A question about : MCOL court claim, I don't know what it's for or anything!

Hi sorry hope i haven't posted this in the wrong place.

Post just arrived.theres a county court claim from Northampton. Claimant is lower portfolio, on behalf of capital one credit card.

The claim is over Ј1000. I haven't used a CC in years, I'm am 99% certain i don't owe anything. I have had no letters before action, absolutely,nothing to suggest I would get court papers.

I don't know what to do. My credit rating according to creditexpert is excellent.

Please help

Best answers:

  • I don't even understand the mcol form. Contest Jurisdiction
    You can choose to contest jurisdiction of the claim made against you.
    I intend to contest jurisdiction "
    What is that?
  • Was the letter directly addressed to you? Have you ever had a card with Capital One before?
  • Hello, thank you for such a quick response, I'm shaking here !
    It was address to me directly, I think I had one with them in 2000 when I was a student, it would have been in my maiden name
  • Ask here how to defend. http://www.legalbeagles.info/forums/...se-Specialists
    They love beating Lowells on there
  • Thank you i will register asap
  • Can you post up : particulars of claim, just type what it says.
  • If you have paid nothing and had no communication with them since 2000, you should be able to timebar any claim anyway (i.e. say you deny any debt but it would be too late to enforce anyway).
  • I am amazed, i actually have a court hearing set for this! What th heck possible evidnce can they have to actually get this to court. The underhand whatsits!!
  • Make sure you attend, and be ready to present to the judge your costs for defending the claim.
  • Be prepared for Lowells to try to pass off some random dates as proof of payment or acknowledgement as well. They have a history of making things up.
  • Ive asked the kind folks over at legal eagles, as advised earlier, for their help too. What a clever bunch they are!
  • Does anyone know what i should be doing now please? Im nervous of just sitting around waiting. Thanks x
  • Attend the hearing. Have a list of costs: earnings lost, travel expenses, postage & phone costs.
  • Thanks fat belly x
    So two weeks before hand, they should send everything to me that they plan to use? So surely if its SB then they have to provide evidence that it isnt?
  • You can add a sworn affidavit that you have not made any payments or acknowledgements to this alleged debt .
    These way heavy with judges
  • hi Spacey, how do I do that please? Thanks