09 Mar 2015

A question about : Mattress for slatted base

We're in the market for a new pocket sprung mattress, we were considering memory foam for a while but fast went off the idea.

Our new bed though has a wooden slatted base, not built yet but in the photo they look quite far apart title=Mad


We're both light to medium in terms of weight i guess although i prefer a slightly firmer mattress (but have been recommended i stay with a medium in all shops we visited).

We have a Ј1.5 – Ј2k budget... yes its a lot but we'd rather splash out on a good one.

Any thoughts on brands or models for slatted bases? We tried a few Vi–Spring's out at the weekend, they seemed okay... very hard to tell though after an hour of trying!!

I quickly get to the point where i can no longer tell the difference title=Frown

Best answers:

  • It's not possible to overspend on a mattress and I don't think a slotted base will make a difference to a good one.
    Our Hypnos king size cost me a lot more than I paid for my first new car !
    P.S. We had a log cabin holiday before Xmas and my missus fell in love with the memory foam topper to the point of scheming to steal it.
  • Mattresses are so personal you've just got to try them & see what you like. I was glad to get rid of a memory foam topper.
  • Cover your slatted base with a piece of 12 or 18mm ply/mdf (cut to size) if you feel you need a 'solid' base on which to put your mattress.
  • We were recommended to use a piece of pegboard over the slats. I guess the holes provide sufficient ventilation.
  • I'm surprised that there are so many folk here who wouldn't know a good bed from an inflatable mattress laid on a concrete floor.
    I thought MSE was buy good once, not cheap twice and adapt yourself to live with it.
  • I went through the pain of trying to get a new mattress 6 months ago, it was so difficult to choose. I found a lot of good info here, they certainly seem to know their stuff. I thought the mattresses they sold were a little pricey though.
    I'm 10.5 stone and my wife is 9, we went for the Millbrook Temptation 2000 with a medium firmness and are very pleased with our choice, we got it for Ј575 so a smaller budget than yours.
    Once you find the one you want it's definitely worth emailing retailers that sell it to see if they will give a discount, I got 10% off doing it.
  • We have a Dunlopillo mattress on a slated sprung wooden base. Works very well.
  • I recently brought a latex mattress and would now never go back to a sprung or foam mattress again! Latex is a 100% natural product so no risk to allergy sufferers but not cheap. The manufacturer is Abaca based in south wales and I'm very happy with the mattress after 3 months use http://abacaorganic.co.uk/mattresses.../ramsey-medium
    I'd check the slat spacing is not too wide as some bases have big gaps - about 5cm gap between slats seem the optimum for support vs ventillation.