09 Mar 2015

A question about : Lost my parents to suicide

Good evening everyone.

I have been a reader of these forums and the weekly email for a good while now, so hello everyone.

This is not something I talk about too often, but in the summer of 2008 I lost 2 people very close to me through suicide, my parents. We will never know what was going on in their heads but they must have felt they were in a corner with no other choices. This decision has changed mine and my two sisters lives forever ultimately making our lives harder. I was 21 at the time having just finished at university, my older sister 23 and my younger just 12 years old. We have had many tough days since and even though time does make it slightly easier, it never fully takes the pain away.

I have dwelled long enough on the events of that summer and all the life and financial stresses that followed so I wanted to do something good out of this situation so I've decided to raise money for the Samaritans by running the 26.2 miles of the Brighton marathon on April 12th 2015. I am not an active person and spend my days behind a desk so this will be a big challenge for me.

It's never nice losing someone so close especially under those circumstances. It was tough having to deal with solicitors, estate agents etc. at such a young age and looking after my young sister when most 21 year olds are travelling or down the pub!

It is always good to have someone to talk to so you do not feel alone or pushed into a dark corner. I don't want anyone else to have to go through what me and my sisters have been through and I want to help the Samaritans raise awareness and support those who are distressed and feeling it is their only option.

If anyone can support me and Samaritans, please donate what you can here: www.justgiving.com/dan-woodward1

I'd really appreciate if you can donate whatever you can for such a worthy cause. Samaritans rely on donations with Ј10 keeping a branch open for 2 hours, Ј15 providing on going email support to 1 person and Ј20 lets them answer 5 calls, emails or texts.

Many thanks.

Alternatively, you can text donate Ј2, Ј5 or Ј10 with the details below (the text message is free and will only cost you the amount you donate with all of that donation being passed onto Samaritans). Once again, Many thanks for your support. title=Smile


Charity Details:
Samaritans - Registered in England and Wales (no. 219432) and in Scotland (no. SC040604)

Best answers:

  • Sorry to hear about this.
    It must have been very hard for you all.
  • Thank you RubyTuesday.
    Time is a great healer but it will never take all the pain away. Hopefully by raising money for the Samaritans someone will think twice about taking their own life
  • thank you for explaining about the just giving organisation and i wish you all the very best
  • thank you for explaining that i have taken down my comment and left a positive message instead
  • Thank you for the kind comments. I re-read through my initial post and forgot the mention the activity I would like sponsor for!!
    I have added it in that I am running the 26.2 miles on the Brighton marathon for Samaritans.
  • I amso sorry for your loss.we have lost family members like this and I feel for you all.regards and good luck with the marathon.
  • Thank you Gocurlygirl :-)
  • Thank you everyone for your kind donations so far. If you can spare anything to donate or text i'd appreciate it so much.
  • Hi DanW87 I'm sorry i can't offer a donation, I'm very much struggling with my own charity commitment at the moment, but I have experienced something very similar as someone close to me committed suicide. I have also dragged myself through marathons, the last one with a 75lbs sound system on my back for charity! So if there's any advice or support I can offer, it's yours. The absolute best of luck to you!
  • Sorry to hear of your loss, I hope that the Marathon goes well. I can't offer financials as I just gave to Samaritans as I lost a school friend to suicide a few months ago. I know it was nothing as sad as your situation but seeing on facebook a post from her hubby, just broke my heart - she too was loved but felt she had not other option (lots of health issues) such a worthy cause, good luck.
  • Thank you for all your support so far.
    Just a quick update: My training is going well. 2 months ago when I started I could barely run a mile. Last Sunday morning I went for a 15 mile run!
    I would greatly appreciate if you could donate anything for such a great cause.
    Thank you once again.
  • I'm a newbie whilst scrolling down the title of the post caught my eyes. Really sorry to hear that and I wish you well