09 Mar 2015

A question about : Long time Lurker's diary of life in debt on a DMP!

As the title says.....I am a long time lurker and self confessed MSE and bargain hunter obsessive. I have spent 4 years not opening post, ignoring calls and spending ridiculous amounts of money on utter tosh!

I am a mother to 3 boys and wife to a unruly husband! Light bulb moment for me while I was planning and paying for my wedding and we simply pushed ourselves too far financially! The bank account was empty, the purse was meek and the cupboards were bare. After months of living on rice and pasta I decided to face up to the debt, open the letters and fight back at debt!

So as it stands just now ...I am currently in the process of sending documents back to CCS, new budget , new prospective and all I need now is the inspiration and support from the sidelines to keep me on the road to being debt free!

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  • Hi and welcome, I want to wish you all the best, you have taken the hardest step and once the DMP (or whatever) is set up, you will be able to sit back and breathe a sigh of relief again, knowing it is being taken care of.
  • I have just realised that I haven't put this in the diaries thread, if it can be moved that'd be fab
    Thanks! I hope to gain my life back soon! I have spent the past few months merely surviving while other people my age have been out enjoying themselves. I have even started watching a few cheap dresses on ebay in prep for my works Xmas night out!
  • Didn't start the day very well being awoken at 5am by my 2 year old son. He has always been an early riser but since the clocks changed it has verged on middle of the night territory !
    So 5am sat in the dark lurking on MSE and voucher websites! This has pretty much been the norm for quite a while now! I am obsessed about missing a glitch or a deal!
    Popped to sainsbury's and picked up some bargains! 30p Cadbury chocolate rolls and some 10p batteries for my Xmas stash! Tesco very disappointing and not much marked down. Came home to find that the short time I had popped out I missed the postie delivering my printer cartridge, annoyed me somewhat as I need this to print off my statements to send to CCCS. Need now to wait until Monday for redelivery , just want it up and running ASAP, have the monthly payment sitting in bank waiting! Rest of post quite nasty, more debt letters and letters selling me opportunity to be in more debt !!
    Cleaned some of the house and ate some halloween treats, must say I have really not achieved much! 2 items listed on ebay, my wee boys brand new kickers boots. Hoping to gain a few pounds from those when they finish in a day. Need to buy kids winter boots and jackets still so hoping that will count towards it.
    Recently discovered Nectar adpoints which has been a godsend! Joined a week ago and my account has been credited with 500 points already so that's 840 points I'm up to now, think that's a record! Will be doing this every week.
    Clubcard points came through tho disappointing, Ј6 but DH has claimed them for a game he must buy on Tuesday! Oh dear I do despair , so many arguments over his lack of LBM over spending money! I don't even have winter shies in yet and he's buying an Xbox game at Ј40 and new tools! I tried to say no but you can all imagine how that ended!
  • Oh, you and I sound as though we're in similar situations - recently married, young kids, hubby who hasn't seen the light quite yet.
    I started my dmp almost 3 years ago now but only had my true lbm this time last year - I'm getting there.
    Will be here following along and to support you.
    Good luck.
  • Hi VPB, I've moved your diary over to the diaries board so it doesn't get lost in all the DFW posts.
  • Mine is the same but with luxury food and football tickets. He spends somewhere between Ј30 and Ј50 a fortnight on football tickets and Ј10-Ј20 on posh ice cream... Our situation is different in that it was my debts, so I'm paying them off on my own. And we have an agreement that what he has left after his share of housekeeping is his to do with what he likes. But it does bother me somewhat that my kids (at 8 and 4) are more money savvy than him.
  • Yes, that's fair enough. I just hope he has his moment sooner or later though - for yours and the kids sake.