09 Mar 2015

A question about : Lidl weekend half price offers 7/8 Feb

In oxfordshire - Chicken & Chocolate
( Hope this keeps lynsey happy title=Smile )

Chicken Thighs - 1 Kg Ј1.32
Bellarom Chocolate ( Hazelnut or Fuit/Nut ) 200g 49p
Loviuo Grated Grano Padano Cheese 100g 59p
Kiwi Fruit 12p each

Polish week all week ( 5th -> 11th ) so I will be buying a few packets of the Beef & Pork dumplings ( 750g Ј1.29 ) which I love

and they also have a good looking price on Scottish Beef extra lean steak mince at 250g for Ј1.29

EDIT - It appears to be another mixed week of offers. Instead of the Chicken thighs , some areas are getting
Venison Grillsteaks 300g 99p
Piri Piri Chicken 540g Ј1.34
Chicken Legs 1Kg Ј1.12
Whole Garlic & Herb Chicken 1.6Kg Ј1.99

Best answers:

  • Also just noticed
    Boneless Pork Leg Joint Ј2.99 per Kilo
  • dlusman - it's lean minced steak I'm after and hopefully soon.
    I've been in a new re-built Lidl today (they knocked the old one down and re-built on the same site!!) and it was very bright and fresh. Larger also (Walkergate).
    Hopefully the new Lidl's will be of this standard.
    No leaflets displayed though and not showing online as yet.
    I would prefer the garlic and herb chicken, given a choice. Though I still have chicken left from those Morries (Sun) vouchers.
  • Just looked at the online leaflet and mine's:
    - Bellardom Chocolate bar, 49p
    - Padano DOP (cheese), 59p
    - a Whole chicken, 1.6Kg, garlic/herb flavour, Ј1.99
    - Kiwi fruit 12p
  • Will go for the chicken. Slow cook, then grill.... maybe save the stock this time.
  • Kiwi fruit for sure....chocolate perhaps? Maybe not, as I'll end up eating it. Plain chocolate does for my baking and as such can be left untouched, but seriously, what can you do its Fruit & Nut other than gorge on it?!
  • Chicken thighs in east midlands.
  • Venison here in Fife, pity I am still on my 'no buying meat' month
  • Piri piri chicken in Cumbria. I'd rather have the chicken thighs but I'll give it a try.
  • I'll be in a town with a Lidl next weekend so it's fresh whole chicken for me and several kiwi fruit for the parrot.
  • I like the idea of a parrot on board.
  • Piri Piri for the North East too. Might get some chocolate if I'm around but nothing too exciting for me again...
  • Polish week starts on the 5th. Mustard and horseradish at 49p (185g)
    Ready meals 99p and for Valentines Day a cordless screwdriver, colour PINK. How romantic.
    And a powered toothbrush only Ј4.99
  • bump......
    Eggs are down in my store 15 for Ј1.19, were Ј1.25.
    Plenty of chickens at 9.30am.
  • No luck with the chicken, all gone by mid morning. Managed to get some kiwi fruit so at least the parrot is happy.
  • Can you introduce your parrot, MM. Does it talk?
    I inherited a Minah bird a few years ago and now sadly passed away...... who could only say two words, one of which was "off".
  • Ken68 - lol
    What was the other word??
    I've been back today for more fruit and nut chocolate, only 4 more bars and I only bought a couple yesterday. It's very nice.
    Bought 4 packs of the mince, but used 1 pack for tomorrows pasta bake.
  • Bought 4 chickens all told. One now cooking, three in the freezer.
    The Minah's other word started with B.
    He went in the freezer, was going to have him stuffed.