09 Mar 2015

A question about : Lidl half-price offers 31 Jan/1 Feb

Birchwood fresh British turkey breast steaks 375g: Ј2.25 to Ј1.29

Kanpur garden deluxe curry sauces 350g: Ј1.29 to 64p

Kanpur garden mango chutney 370g: 89p to 44p

Oaklands onions 1kg: 65p to 32p

Best answers:

  • How do people manage to get hold of these leaflet offers so quickly?
    Our local only put out the leaflet one week ahead at a time.
  • Good for planning London. Been waiting for the 5kg of onions, might get these.
  • Would buy the Curry Sauce but don't think it would keep.
  • Ken the onions are 1 kilo and I'm sure you could freeze the sauce.
  • Thanks PL....Yes remember now, have in the past frozen the cheap curry sauce from Tesco (20p and weak stuff))and looks like will have to get 5 nets of onions.
    Lidl last year did 5kg nets about Ј1.30 to Ј1.50.
  • I think the curry sauces are in jars, so should have big dates on them.
    Where has the OP gone?
    I'm waiting for the weekend after offers. lol
  • Asian Week! Will buy lotsa of goodies!
    Slightly annoyed at myself as I'm due to make a batch of Thai Green Chicken curry. I went ahead and bought some "half price" coconut milk from W'r but still pricey at 99p (Ј1.99 full price!)
    L'd is only 59p per can (20p off from 79p)
    Maybe OP has some insider knowledge
  • thanks for posting op good to know... i am quite impressed with the meat offers so far this year...long may they continue
  • Also Cushelle is on offer...24rolls for Ј7.99.though some reckon Nicky 3ply from Farmfoods is cheaper/better.
    Sorry to lower the tone....
  • I picked this leaflet up too, curry sauce is in jars and has dried spices in a little pot on top if that makes sensI will definitely be stocking up.
  • Bump!
    Just to remind everyone that tomorrow is curry night!!
  • Those jars of curry sauce look identical to the Indi Grand ones sold in Home Bargains - 89p I think.
  • The onions are good, marked as Class 2 but look class 1.
    Will freeze some and hang up the rest.