09 Mar 2015

A question about : Kids Clothes to Get Rid Of

Has anyone used any of these online companies that buy clothes on weight?

Is it worth the hassle?

Are they trustworthy?

Any recommendations?

Best answers:

  • I'm interesting in finding out where is best to try. I've just cleared the wardrobes of a good 15 kilo of clothes which are all in very good condition. Just don't know where is best as I've heard good and bad stories about the "pay for a kilo" shops.
  • None of the boot sales round here are any good. Been to far too many where you have to pay anything up to Ј20 for a pitch only to find people want to give you 2p max for something thats worth a lot more. Even at 60p a kilo I will end up better off than 2p an item at a local car boot
  • You could try ebay for any items in really good condition. I know some of my LO's clothes only get a few wears before they are grown out of, so maybe if you have anything you wouldn't mind receiving (if you were the purchaser) it could be worth it?
    Just make sure you weigh the items including packaging to make sure you have the right postage price so you don't lose out!
  • Thanks guys..