26 Feb 2015

A question about : 'The Ј1 Million cash card'


Has anyone recieved this in the last few days (from purely creative), and if so have you telephoned to find out what the winning symbols are?

If so, could you share them with me so that I don't have to phone up if I haven't recieved anything worth claiming?

On two separate cards, I have two out of three matching symbol, and three out of three matching symbols on another.

Thanks. title=Jumping

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  • Anyone? :confused:
  • There's a thread on it here
  • Yes, but I can't see the winning symbols on that post.
    Could someone post what each symbol is worth please?
  • Ј1,000,000 = 3 x Hearts, Lollies, Clamps
    100,000 = 3 x Grape Symbols
    Ј50,000 = 3 x Telephone Symbols
    BMW S3 = 3 x Pencil Symbols
    Ј10,000 = 3 x Drum Symbols
    SONY HDTV = 3 x Cake Symbols
    Holidays in Italy for 2 = 3 x rabbits, Trees, Airplanes Symbols
    Most likely you get to win holidays for 2 with the T&C making it too difficult to claim it, due to unavailability of flights and hotels etc...
  • I've got 3 cherries so am assuming that its not worth the bother?
  • So that means the £1m prize has gone & its now definetly not worth entering.
    (BTW, colin95 joined today and posted the same thing on several different threads about scratchcard competitions - viral marketing or what?)
  • I've made some posts on another thread about this a few hours ago, but it has been mysteriously deleted.
  • There's a new batch in TV magazines at present. I got one today and discovered I have two winning cards from the 4 in a strip. Strange that you have to call 2 seperate numbers to check what you've won, meaning 2 Ј9 calls. One is a cash payment, lowest amount printed on the ticket is Ј10, so I stand to gain Ј1, less the cost of posting my ticket by recorded delivery of course.
    A story in the Guardian (Google for it) tells readers that they've had ONE lucky Million Pound winner in 18 years of running these scratchcard promotions.
    Thank goodness I live in an area that handles recycling of waste paper and card. :rolleyes:
  • I had one "The million pound cash card" fall out a paper today, I got 3 Crab symbols.
    Looking at the Terms it would cost Ј9 for the phone call + stamps, winning a minimum of Ј10, I thought I would give it a go as it's worth a punt if your going to break even.
    One Ј9 phone call later I found I had won, yep you guessed it, Ј10!!!!!
    I called on the 3rd of Jan 2009 - the Claim number you need for 3 crabs (Ј10) is 1208 so you can save yourself the Ј9 phone call and just send the claim in if you have this too
    I don't know how often they change the claim numbers - you have to put a date of claim on the form so maybe they track it like that?
    Anyway, hope I saved some people a phone call & got them a little easy free money!
  • Got one of these cards in my computer mag that arrived today. My 5 year old likes scratching the panels off and I got 3 lions which supposedly means a cash prize. Am reluctant to pay call charges etc to find I have only got Ј10. I know you can get the claim number by post, but can't really be bothered with the hassle.
  • Yup, 3 lions = Ј10, as of today anyway.
    But of course, you have to wait until 5 minutes 50 seconds to find that out.
    Plus the cost of a 1st and 2nd class stamp.
    I suspect that breaking even is the best anyone ever does with these. I'm amazed that magazines allow themselves to be associated with such a scam.
  • hi guys,
    came across this thread through a google search, after getting 3 identical symbols (scratched about 10 days ago). Anyone knows what are the possible combinations atm? (I didnt get neither the lions or crabs).
    Thanks in advance.
  • I had 3 anchors but not bothered to ring up yet.
  • Me three anchors also. So don't bother!
  • Omg do people actually fall for these cons?? :s
  • Don't know if its the same here, but you don't actually have to ring up usually. There's usually a tiny bit that says you can apply by post so I always do. Then, it's cost me nothing apart from a stamp.