09 Mar 2015

A question about : iva recommendations

hi guys sorry i'm constantly posting looking for recommendations for IVA companies if I did go down this route, I want to make right choice.

Also questions I should ask each company

Best answers:

  • Payplan I've read on here that some people not happy with them - but I think any review site of any product will have good and bad reviews.
    At the time we went with them - August 2011, we were not even aware that there were other firms out there!
    Their adviser was very helpful in sorting out our original forms and advised us of quite a few things that we could put on our expenditure form that we had not been aware of and on the other side things that we were paying out for that we could not claim eg a storage unit.
    After that we did the usual worrying about whether we would be accepted, but got the distinct impression that they knew what they were talking about and that they wouldn't have put us both forward if it was unlikely to be approved.
    Further down the line the annual reviews were uncomplicated and then last year, three years in we were able to offer a full and final settlement of almost all the next two years payments upfront.
    Again they walked us through all the details and it was accepted and now just last week we got the completion certificate.
    Not quite sure what you meant by what questions you should ask them as most things seem pretty common to IVA's whoever they are with? I might be incorrect on the last point as I am not an expert and only have dealings with them.
  • PS Spooky thing - just had a survey from them.
    Anyway, should have added that I always felt confident that they had the knowledge and the experience in what they were telling me. You know that feeling with some people you speak to on the phone and you think do they even speak English? because they can't seem to grasp what you are asking them and you have absolutely no confidence in their answer - well I never thought that.
    Forgot to say above too that halfway through our dealings with them - our advisor changed as she went on maternity leave and initially I was concerned as we had always got on so well with her, but I needn't have been as the new lady, like everyone on the team, was just as efficient, friendly and helpful.
    I do hope that you get something sorted soon and start your road to financial recovery.
  • My IP was Melanie Giles (www.melaniegiles.com) and I have nothing but praise for her and her staff from start to finish