09 Mar 2015

A question about : iva dispute

I hope someone can help as I'm at my wits end. I took out an iva In may 09 with depth amounting to Ј23.000. The largest debt was a barclays loan of Ј13.000. I paid all my monthly contributions on time and never defaulted.also nearly Ј8.000 was given to the iva company in ppi payments.in my calculations at the end of my term I owed Ј194 My last payment was in may 2014. Since then I have heard of nothing from dfd dispite ring on several occasions about my completetion certificate not being issued after 8 months. Last wk I received a letter from dfd saying barclays has now changed my debt from Ј13.000 to Ј22.000 and they want to look at what equity I have in my house. I have asked to speak to my iP but get fobbed off.I also have a letter from barclays stating interest had been frozen. Can they do this especially after 8 mths since my final payment. I am completely worried all over again. Hope someone can help.

Best answers:

  • oh no another dfd hater.
    i paid into an iva with them for over 2 years before it failed due to them wanting more and more money off me then i could afford.
    i cancelled the iva end of july 2014, a variation meeting was held in december 2014, and still no sign of the failure certificate so i cant progress with a debt relief order.
    each time i also ring dfd i too am fobbed off.
    i would strongly recommend contacting the financial ombudsman service and make a complaint with them.
    they will tell you that you will first need to make a complaint in writing first to dfd for a finalresponse.
    this is something i am going to have to do shortly to find out why no final paperwork from them.
    the thieving gits took their fees out of the Ј2790 i paid in and made no dent in my debts, i am still nearly Ј12000 in debt.
    they are a bloody disgrace.
  • Thanks for replying. Will do