26 Feb 2015

ISA value falling

A question about : ISA value falling

Hello, this is my first post and I hope someone can help as I am concerned and confused.

I have a share class ISA and as I was aware when I opened it, it can go up and down. However lately it has been going down and down.

My confusion comes with this, since all the financial problems have started worldwide it has fallen by some Ј400 from approx 2300 to around the 1900 mark and still falling little by little daily. title=EEK!

26 Feb 2015


A question about : STOCKS AND SHARES ISA's

I have recently retired, and although I do not have lots of money I have part of a lump sum left to put away for this year. I already have Cash Isa's but as the rates are so low I was thinking of a stocks and shares ISA for a bit of a risk and the chance of a better deal. I did contact my ex employers financial adviser and I do not think he was interested in my small amount of cash it is about Ј25000 to put away. I already have ready cash plus Ј25000 in old Cash ISA's. Any advice is appreciated please.

26 Feb 2015

Tracker ISA

A question about : Tracker ISA

Ok So I am new to posting here (apologies if post is in wrong place). I am also new to investing and am considering investing in a Tracker based stocks and shares ISA for the first time.

My question is on how they work precisely – I understand they “track” the relevant index, buying and selling stock to reflect the stock price of the individual company.

26 Feb 2015

SelfSelect Stocks/Shares ISA

A question about : SelfSelect Stocks/Shares ISA


I am looking to transfer circa Ј65K from an existing S&S ISA to a Self Select Stocks and Shares ISA which will mainly be invested in funds / shares.

In addition, I will also me making monthly contributions (to purchase funds) and ad-hoc contributions to purchase qualifying shares

Which of the Self Select providers would be the best option to look at ?