26 Feb 2015


A question about : Isa?

Looking for some advice please

I had untill yesterday a pet insurance policy which I was paying £15 a month for.

I have three golden retrievers and this only covered the yongest !!!!! who will be three this year, in the time I had the policy I made one claim when she cut her face on some wire which was when she was still a puppy.

26 Feb 2015

ISA Transfer

A question about : ISA Transfer

I recently transferred an ISA from HSBC to Barclays. The money has successfully been transferred from the old ISA to the new ISA, however they transferred 10p too much so the old HSBC ISA now reads as 10p in debt. It may sound small, but its annoying.

How can I clear this debt when I can't pay into that ISA this tax year as I am paying into another one? Also will this small debt incur any interest?

26 Feb 2015

I've paid into two cash ISAs within the same tax year. What should I do?

A question about : I've paid into two cash ISAs within the same tax year. What should I do?

I opened up a Mini Cash ISa with Barclays in March 2008 and paid in Ј100 lump sum. However I didn't realise that I had already paid Ј3000 inheritance in to another ISA in May 2007 - I thought I'd paid it in a lot earlier then that.

My questions is what are the penalties for having done this and what is the best thing to do now? I don't plan to pay any more in to the original ISa with the Ј3000 in it anyway.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

26 Feb 2015

Changing over ISA

A question about : Changing over ISA

I'm thinking of transfering over from my existing ISA to another.How is it best to go about this.I don't want to sacrifice a years worth of ISA savings.Do I wait until the next financial year to have it transfered,therefore minimising the loss of interest.How is best to go about this?