09 Mar 2015

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26 Feb 2015

Transfering ISA from Icesave to Natwest

A question about : Transfering ISA from Icesave to Natwest

Hi All,

Im hoping for some advice, I want to transfer my Cash ISA from Icesave to Natwest, they can now offer me a good rate and i want to split my savings a bit (you know the saying dont keep all your eggs in onr basket).

Anyway i filled out all the forms and Natwest called me today to ask for the Sort code and account number, i dont have these only my refrence number which Natwest say i cant transfer without that info.

So has anyone transferred and how did they do it.

26 Feb 2015

ISA v santander 123

A question about : ISA v santander 123

i currently have just over Ј5000 in Santander cash ISA. The rate has just dropped to 0.5%! Having just missed out on the Cheshire and Virgin ISAs (seemed to have been withdrawn) just wondering, as i have not contributed this financial year, would i be better to move it to my 123 account and get 3% until a better ISA rate comes along. It is unlikely i will be able to use this years ISA allowance.
Many thanks

26 Feb 2015

Transferring ISA

A question about : Transferring ISA

Hi guys,

I've got a question about the interest from transferring ISA accounts.

I've recently transferred an ISA account from last year and into this year's account.

Will I accrue interest on the total amount of my ISA account from both years or is it just the current tax free year?

Cheers title=Partytitle=Party