09 Mar 2015

multiple ISA's

A question about : multiple ISA's

Please excuse what might be a really stupid question, but are you allowed to have ISA's with different companies?

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09 Mar 2015

Post Office Online ISA

A question about : Post Office Online ISA

Post Office has launched an ISA account, where it allows customers to deposit/split their annual allowance across both an easy access (variable rate) ISA and a fixed-rate ISA, in one account.

For example, the customer can put Ј5000 in the easy access ISA account, and Ј10,000 in a fixed-rate ISA.

More details on how it works: http://www.postoffice.co.uk/savings-accounts/online-isa

09 Mar 2015

Dot ComUnity Credit Union

A question about : Dot ComUnity Credit Union


Has anyone had any experience / issues with the above credit union? - Link: http://www.dotcu.org.uk/creditunion/savings/isa.html

I am thinking about joining the above credit union and transferring my cash ISA to it. 3% PA, no fixed term and with ISA transfer to it available, for Ј30 a year membership. It just seems too good to be true. Am I missing something here?

09 Mar 2015

Who's 2 Year Santander Fixed ISA is Ending? What you all doing?

A question about : Who's 2 Year Santander Fixed ISA is Ending? What you all doing?

I remember jumping on the threads on here 2 years ago and getting the Santander ISA fixed for 2 years. That is nearly ending now, wondering what others are doing? I see they have another 2-year fix @ 1.70%, might consider this for easy of staying there.

I have a modest pot that is emergency fund, and don't plan to add to it for now, concentrating on paying off the mortgage instead and upping pension slightly.