09 Mar 2015

A question about : IPOQ form, 5 months in

Good evening

I became bankrupt 5 months ago and have just received a new IPOQ form. I am paying an IPA.

It asks for income (that's the easy bit) and then expenditure. Do I put down the (very generous) figures that the OR and I agreed at my interview back in October or do I put what I actually spend? On my original BR form I put what I actually spent but the OR doubled some of these figues, for example for food, at interview. She did that partly to cover the expenses I needed to visit elderly mother but which isn't allowed for on the form but also I was subsisting on very little just to try to pay the bills.

I'm worried that if I actually put that I spend Ј25 on food, that I will lose that additional unofficial allowance. Or will there be another interview where it will all be revised again?

Advice please. Thank you.

Best answers:

  • Hi, I remember your situation from last year, If this was me.....and nothing has changed since your original one with the O.R I would put the same down as agreed at that time.
    That is just my opinion, but Sundays can be quiet on here sure you will get more replies later x
  • Keep the same figures.....or, if indeed, certain expenditures have increased, put those down [but be prepared beforehand, to provide the evidence?}
    You are entitled to a 'reasonable' living standard.....it is entirely up to you if you wish to be more frugal.
  • And I concur with Lu and Alastair.
  • Thank you all. Just to be absolutely clear, you all recommend that I put the figures from the spreadsheet the OR sent me after our interview and which are the ones we agreed I should live by, and not the ones I put on my original 6.28 form. I'm managing fine on those figures so wouldn't need to change anything.
  • You put the figures down from the spreadsheet that the OR sent you and agreed was reasonable.