09 Mar 2015

A question about : Informing of ESA ending claim


If you are claiming ESA and know the date that you are returning to work,can you inform DWP of this a couple of weeks in advance and continue to be paid until that date, or is it a case of the minute you inform them then your claim will end there and then ?

Thank you

Best answers:

  • Hi
    Yes I'm returning to work early a few days before my sick note expires.
    The problem I have is that I have a medical booked and I'm worried that calling them to cancel a few days before my medical is a bit short notice ?
  • Hi
    Took your advice and called DWP to end my claim for ESA, like you say it can't be cancelled until your sick not expires. Guy told me to call back next week and he would cancel it.
    However he advised me to ring ATOS and to cancel my appointment with them as I will not require a face to face if I am ending my claim next week. ATOS refused to cancel and have instead re arranged for a later date even though I explained I would be back in work by then and my claim ended. I was told to call back once DWP end my claim.
    Is this correct ?
    Surely once DWP end my claim then the face to face should be automatically cancelled.
  • Hi
    Yes my sick note now expires a couple of weeks before the face to face assessment, originally it expired a couple of days afterwards, but ATOS insisted on making another appointment rather than cancelling my original.
    As you say my claim will be ended before the face to face, if I just don't turn up will it affect anything in the future should I need to claim again.
  • The person you spoke to clearly doesn't know what he's doing, but just enjoy the extra week off. Ridiculous!!