09 Mar 2015

A question about : Independence?

Should I be moving some, or all, of my savings into English banks and Building Societies to make sure they are safe in case there is financial meltdown if the SNP get there way.

Best answers:

  • Try sending that one to the site for the weekly question!
    There are probably too many unknowns to provide a useful answer though - as with every question about what happens after the referendum.
    Just to look on the bright side - if you move your money into English banks you might have to "import" it back into an independent Scotland, costing you currency conversion fees. Unless we have the pound like Uncle Alex says we will (after all, what would David Cameron and Ed Balls have to say in the matter, let's just ignore them).
  • Stop worrying. There's no way there will be a yes vote, far to many unanswered question or scenarios. The very fact that things like banking are unknown will be their demise
  • An excellent question, and illiterate too!
    You think your money would be any safer in a bank overseen by Mr Cameron & Clegg? As I recall, it was England's Labour Party and Gordon Brown that saw us on our knees?
    Ever thought anyone - even a girl guide in Scotland could manage it better?
    It's time to let the country look after itself.
    Vote YES for an end to tagging along as a poodle....
  • Have you read the papers in the last couple of years ? Have you taken part in the "reclaim bank charges" or "reclaim cc charges" ? Your money is safer under your bed than giving to these people, I dont mean to be rude but do you think your money has been safe in your whole banking lifetime ? Dont worry about independence having an effect on your millions, it wont get any worse when your country is free to run itself.
  • The last thing that was made independent was the Bank of England yet it was actually the Chancellor that announced that interest rates would be cut to 0.5%. If it days independent on the box, you can bet it won't be independent at all.
  • So many things I could say to Buzby's mini-rant. I'll just pick two:
  • As abundantly clear as it is in my eyes that Scotland would be far better off looking after itself than suffering a government which it NEVER elects (the tories have won 6 out of the last 11 elections but barely win a vote up here). I think we need to carry on putting our points across in a calm manner.
    Let's adress some of the issues raised: Worried Scot, why would there be a financial meltdown if Scotland became independent?
    -Scotland has a well balanced economy according to various independent sources including two Nobel Prize winning Laureats. Whisky, Tourism, Finance, Renewables and Oil and Gas. Standard and Poors (the Credit Rating agency who recently downgraded the UK has said we would qualify for it's highest Triple A rating).
    And Sibhill, if we don't get to share the currency which we have played a big part in building up, it has been well-documented that we will no longer be sharing the debt. A debt-free Scotland with a Government it actually elected sounds great to me
  • I'll miss Scotland when it leaves the UK, look after yourselves and enjoy your new status.
  • How can snp fight for independence...and want to join eurozone???
    I for one prefer a stable uk parliment [ ok with faults ] against the eurozone run by political princes who do not seem to answer to anyone outside their 'cliques ' no sign off on accounts ,if you vote no ,rerun vote untill yes vote ect, after ww2 ,[ ok history] NOT one in eurozone paid a penny to almost bankrupt uk [ norway did ] and us spent a fortune to repair europe free of charge [ marshall plan ] with nothing to uk, even the convoys of aid from usa were paid in advance by uk [ our gold was sent to canada and each sum was transfered to usa BEFORE convoy left usa shore] all sunk shipping had been paid in advance.
    i'm scottish for life but belong to the uk for life ,only my family comes first.