09 Mar 2015

A question about : Indain Passport Holder

Hi I know some who has the above passport and has just rec the her british passoprt but still have a few years kleft on her indian passopt can she ask for refund

Best answers:

  • You would need to ask the Indian government. I expect the answer will be no.
  • India does not recognise dual citizenship, you need to surrender your Indian passport, you will actually have to pay a fee of Ј106 to do this, if you don't and your are caught entering India in the future you can expect to receive some hefty fines
    Look's like it's Ј145 for each time you have used your Indian passport after obtaining foreign Citizenship, and Ј363 for each time you have renewed your Indian passport
  • I have recently been through this process for my mother.
    Once you receive a British passport you have to surrender your Indian passport to the consulate. You have no further rights to get a refund of monies for any years left on the passport
    Please surrender the passport - it is not worth the hassle getting caught whilst in a foreign country
    Londontiger - It's all a money making scheme. Cost us a lot of money