09 Mar 2015

A question about : I wanna buy a steam mop...

Any good deals around? Missed out on the argos one at Xmas!

Best answers:

  • I found a really good one one on sale thats this steam mop with extra mop pads and its all on sale. It's on this website called PriceTag.co.uk and its a Holme White Steam Mop HSM2001BB & 5 Mop Pads
  • Link
    Never heard of the company. I would spend more and get a steam mop that is hand held as well so u can do showers/ tiles/ovens
  • In my opinion the best around is the Vax (although I hate Vax vacuums!)
    I have just bought this one
    It cleans well, has a brush attachment and variable settings for floor types. Many leave a lot of water which I wouldn't be happy using on wooden or laminate floors. This one is great and floors dry fast.
    Bonus is that it's currently on sale.
    (I have a cleaning company and have used many others to compare)
  • Do they clean carpets? I constantly have muddy carpets from dog and children in fact whole family!