09 Mar 2015

New Telly

A question about : New Telly

Our Samsung 37 has bitten the dust - the LCD is faulty and is now classed as an 'obsolete' part.

Fortunately, it is covered by a repair policy so it looks like we'll be sent a voucher for a new one.

From searching on the interweb it looks like it will be a Currys (!) voucher.

We'd be looking at around Ј300 to buy a basic 40 telly of a known brand so we're hoping the voucher will at least cover that.

Can anyone recommend the best buy TV at Currys? 40 (Or upwards), a recognised brand, fancy trick features not required.

09 Mar 2015

Nice watch buying tips for first timer please?

A question about : Nice watch buying tips for first timer please?

Hi gang.

After a truly hellish ten years i'm going to reward myself with a Rolex for my birthday!

I've never had a nice watch and i've been looking at buying a second hand one but to be honest they don't go for much less than new title=EEK! I do know I want a watch that is intact as it left the factory, I don't want aftermarket upgrades etc.

09 Mar 2015

Help required with LAYZSPA Premium

A question about : Help required with LAYZSPA Premium

help !
Bought a 2nd hand LAYZSPA Premium circa 2011/2012

Have had it on all day. The indicated temp was climbing quicker than expected, after 12 hours it was indicating 39c when it iy hit 40c it stopped heating (as expected) problem is, water temp is only 26c.

Can anyone please advise?

09 Mar 2015


A question about : Degustabox?

Has anyone tried this ? Is it good value for money ?

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