09 Mar 2015

A question about : HSBC credit card card protection

I am wondering if I can retrospectively claim on the card protection I previously had. In the time I had this card protection I sustained a major head injury and was left unable to work and then eventually pay my credit cards etc. I believe I only had it on this one card (the accident itself happened in 2006) I did not do anything regarding this as was no really aware enough at the time. Subsequently approx 2 yrs later I ended up going to the CAB and going on to minimum payments and then with a little help from family members these were settled (some part payments) and accounts closed.
I had not really ever looked into this until recently I found the file with account details and was wondering about PPI but thought the whole point of them was if you had an accident which I did so am I entitled to now claim even though it was in 2006?
Any advice gratefully relieved.
Thank you

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