25 Feb 2015

The Kitchen Fund

A question about : The Kitchen Fund

I have been told by my friends HantsinDebt and StevieHants to set up my own thread so I don't stalk anyone.

I am going to copy over all my posts about my new kitchen or lack of it!!!!

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25 Feb 2015

Useful MoneySaving & Important Messages

A question about : Useful MoneySaving & Important Messages

Hi All

the forum team have asked us to tidy up the boards, and keep the sticky threads all as one index

Have you saved money? Want to tell the world?


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25 Feb 2015

Is anyone starting from scratch???

A question about : Is anyone starting from scratch???


I've been reading a lot of savings diaries on here over the weekend but it has daunted me a little....as a lot of them already have a large amount of savings to start with!

Is anyone starting saving from scratch, literally Ј0? Because thats where I am at the moment and I feel a little useless now haha!

Im 23 and rent with my boyfriend so I'm not left with a huge amount after bills etc...

Would love to hear anyone thats in a similar situation

Thanks guys!