09 Mar 2015

A question about : How long for United Utilities to install a meter?

Hi all, house we are buying is currently unmetered. I've already phoned UU and asked them about changing it from unmetered to metered and they have booked a survey call out for the first Monday after we complete on the house.

Does anyone know how long i'm likely to wait after the survey for a meter to be installed? (providing there is nothing complex/complicated about the job for them)

Best answers:

  • http://www.unitedutilities.com/Apply...ter-meter.aspx
  • it will be completely dependent on the pipework in the house. if you have an internal stop tap, where the pipe work is accessible then they will try and fit it on the first visit there, if its gonna be fitted outside, then its more than likely to be a two man job and they may have to arrange to come back . if the time from making the call to getting your actual survey is short then you should be good for time in that area