26 Feb 2015

A question about : How do I activate my Halifax Credit Card Online

As above. My card gives out a web address on the card or to ring a 0845 number. (it wont let me post the web address name here because I am a new user)

I never use www when searching via Google as keywords are normally enough but I'll be damned if I can find where on Halifaxs site you are supposed to go!! I am already registered for online banking with them and thought that I might be able to access it that way but that would just be to simple title=Mad. I think they are trying to push people in to ringing their stupid phone number. Anyone know where to go on the Halifax site please? Many thanks for any help provided.

Best answers:

  • here
  • Thanks noh - the word creditcards was missing from my activation instructions.
  • I too could not find out how to do this online, the following number avoids the 0845 charges applicable if using the number provided on the sticker, it was an easy and quick to use process.
    0800 0856280