09 Mar 2015

A question about : Help TV Licensing Problem

Hi, My mother has just looked at a TV license from 2012 and it appears to be still in my fathers name even though he died in 2001? She did get one for 2014/15 but has misplaced it. She only looked at it because she is 74 and will be 75 in August so should be eligible for a concession this year and free in after her birthday. Is she in trouble? I must add that the address and bank details have never changed so we just get one through the post every year?

Best answers:

  • 2014/15 will be on the records so ignore until she gets the free licence at 75 .
  • That statement is not applicable. Problem is the details are still in my dads name, so that will not happen, and apparently you can get a concession at 74 as well as free at 75? I have already looked and you cannot change the name online.
  • Call them up and get it transferred. She's not in trouble, they don't care whose name the licence is in as long as they get their money.