26 Feb 2015

A question about : HELP NEEDED

Hi I really need some advice.....
Signed up to juice plus last month through my cousin whos a rep.
Basically if you have never heard of them... they take a payment and send out 4 months supply of their product. At month 3 I have the option to tell me rep yes I want another lot or no thanks.

Payment was taken on 29th April and good received.

Logged into internet bankings after bank hol to find that they had taken another lot on 24th May!

Tried to phone customer number of Juice plus - line does not connect despite checking the number.
Phoned the Rep support number which was contstantly engaged.
SO phoned my bank who raise a claim for the money (I paid using my current account)

All happy and going fine til today.... got home and my husband has accepted delivery of a parcel from...Juice plus!

I never ordered the seond lot and never gave permission for them to take money. I phoned nationwide who said they will still claim my money back but as for the goods - I should see about getting it returned.

Juice plus still not answering numbers this afternoon so filled out a contact form so home they will get in touch??

I just wondered where I stand with regard to the goods? I dont want them, but I also dont want to paymy own money to get them sent back as its not my fault they have done this.

My cousin is a new rep (bless her) and has no answers for me.

Should I just pay to send it back via royal mail? If I do, ill have to track it for my own security surely and insure it too as its worth Ј135 and that will cost a bomb...
Is it not their responsibility to collect their good?

I dont have the answer but I really do know that I will
A) Never use juice plus or a company like juice plus again
B) Pay with my credit card.

Any help/advice much appreciated (but no told you so's as I have my husband for that!title=Frown)

Stressed X

Best answers:

  • Wait until you have the money back in your bank account (did you pay via a direct debit? and are you reclaiming the money using the DD guarantee?)
    and then contact juice plus and ask them to arrange the collection of their goods, and make sure that you pick a time and date that is convienient to you.
  • Can you not contact them on one of their website numbers:
    Or leave a comment on their Facebook page?
    They probably have a twitter account too, so you should ask someone to contact you.
    Just to clarify, at 3 months, you did not receive any contact asking if you wished to continue the supply?
    Have you checked the small print on your initial purchase to check that it doesn't have any automatic re-ordering unless you specifically tell THEM that you don't want any more? (i.e. they didn't contact you as you were supposed to contact them).
    If you look at their general terms and conditions on their shop:
    it doesn't have any options where you have to opt in. They all state that unless you cancel, the order will continue to be sent.
    Perhaps your rep lied to you?
  • The Reps are not responsible for the payments. They do take your details and place the order however the payments are taken by the company.
    I am still in month 1, so no, they should not have sent out more automatically and you have the conversation with your Rep in month 3 about re-ordering.
    I have tried all the numbers on the site and completed a contact form so hopefully they will come back to me.
    My bank has put the money back into my account at the moment and has ensured they cannot take any more money from me.
    I just wondered where I stood regarding getting the products back to them? Surely their error should not cost me money - although its caused plenty of stress!
  • Surely the rep has a "duty of care" to yourself as they are "rep"resenting the company?
    Note that although your bank has put the money back, juice plus will probably contest this with their t&c's . So I'd expect to have to defend them withdrawing it again.
  • Not much help but i'm having problems with this company too.
    Sent the goods back & they are still taking payments from mine & partners bank accounts. Tried ringing them & the line is always engaged. Have emailed several times with no reply.
  • They can't take anymore money from you so that's the main stress dealt with. Me personally, I would leave it with my cousin. New rep or not, she's still the rep, she can surely return products to them. Isn't that the point of a rep? A company representative?
  • Going to revive this thread as the same has happened to my wife.
    She agreed with a "friend" to a 4 month trial at Ј32.50 per month, however she has been debited Ј65 for every month. Empty promises from her friend about getting the money back and no response from juiceplus customer services to emails.
    She was not given any T&C's, and did not sign anything.
    Credit card company have been brilliant and issued a charge back.
  • You don't just pay a one off fee it's a monthly subscription which they continue to take unless you cancel after four months. The reps in my experience are not very good at explaining this. Rip off and waste of time!
  • Basically my rep didn't tell me that I got four months supply when I ordered, he only told me when I turned up to collect it. He said that he would buy 3 months off me if I didn't want to carry on with it. He's then turned around and refused to buy it back off me because he cannot shift other shakes that he has. So juice plus have just took another payment so I'm wondering if I can contact the bank and have this money sent back to me and I can return the products?
  • Hey. Just joined this forum so I could post on this thread. I bought Juice Plus through a rep who led me to believe that I bought my four months worth and then I would go to him when I needed to order more.
    However this evening I have received an email from Juice Plus saying my new shipment has been shipped! I phoned bank right away and they said payment of Ј125 is pending. It cannot be cancelled but they may be able to help once it has cleared.
    I spoke to my Rep and he says to refuse delivery. He says he will see what he can do on his end but. I am not holding out hope. :-/ I am so angry at myself for giving him my bank details and letting him take payment without me seeing any terms and conditions or small print. I was led to believe that he was basically there to sell me four month's worth of product and that was it.
  • It's how the reps make commission, via recurring sales, read up on the company and decide for yourself what the best advice is to give your cousin, as they may lose a lot of friends over this sort of thing.
  • Forget what you are 'told' by any of the reps or the company, its what is down on paper that counts.
    Read all documents thoroughly before you sign anything.
  • The problem is that you get no paperwork and sign nothing :-/
  • Have just read all these complaints and I am completely gobsmacked that a company can do this.
    I have has the same issue the first time they took money from my account in a duplication error! The second was today whereby they took money for some capsules that I ordered through my rep I only asked for 2 bottles to try it out but low and behold a box came and now they have taken another 40 quid out of my account without my permission! I am furious I contacted my rep who said it's a 4 month contract and to phone them and send back the ones I don't use and they may refund me! I never signed any contract and my rep knew i only wanted to try them and to be honest they make me heave i am going to have to cancel my card now as this has out me over my over draft limit van they do this@ help what should I do???