26 Feb 2015

A question about : Has anyone used RoadServe?

Recently came across Roadserve whilst searching through the royal mail employee benefits online. the advertised price is Ј89.99 per year however the royal mail price is Ј12.99 or caravan club price is Ј11.99. It offers to bring members the benefits that can usually only be enjoyed by fleet car drivers.
The main advantages are threefold:
Job control - a professional, technical expert works with the repairer to ensure that all work proposed is absolutely necessary and justified. For example, that the wear level on brake pads or discs is such that it warrants changing.
Cost control - using manufacturer and industry standard data, maintenance controllers check that the right amount of hours are being charged, and the right amount of consumables such as lubricants etc are being used.
Thirdly, as part of a fleet maintenance scheme, members enjoy the discounts we are able to negotiate with repairers.
Basically they claim to save an average of 30% off service and repair bills, equally to hundreds and even thousands of pounds for some people. However i cant find much info or reviews online so leaves me a bit sceptical, but at Ј12 my be worth a punt.

Just want to know if anyone has had experience with this company before?

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  • So how do you justify dropping the price from Ј90 to Ј12?
    ETA and your website doesn't work.
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  • Ј12? They will come and hold my hand at the garage whenever i take it in and make sure i get charged the correct amount and dont get ripped off. for Ј12 a year?
    How will they make money on that?
    Not only does the website not work, They cannot even get the address correct when registering it.
    Company net worth Ј6?