09 Mar 2015

A question about : Haircuts

I don`t think I've ever taken the kids for a haircut, but is there any way to save money here? I appear to have spent via the OH some GBP8.50 for about 2cm of hair lopped off in 5 minutes.

Best answers:

  • Have you asked your OH if he would like yo to cut his hair.
    Ive done my OHs hair for years now. Ј8.50 is pretty cheap if you do some comparisons.
    Lets be honest, if you had a trade, and hairdressing is a learned technique to do it properly who have been through an apprenticeship, so yu cant expect it to be done and then hairdressers get minimum wage really.
  • Has anyone else notices, if you scroll quickly past
    It looks like Handcuffs? Or maybe it's just me.
    It's been keeping me amused for days.
  • Try going to a barbers mate (if you have a lad), the barbers round me are only a few quid for kids hair whereas the hairdressers are much more.
  • oh we go to a barbers and pay Ј8.50 for a kids cut and Ј10 for a blokes cut but always give him a Ј20 and tell him to keep the change as my son always gets a glow stick and a lolly and we get a handful of jellybabies hehe
  • Im just about bald, so the wife gets the clippers out and every time my hair gets done we put a Ј5 in the holiday pot...
  • Mrs. Bob the Saver has cut my hair for years and I cut hers. She sometimes goes to a poncy expensive 'Salon' where some moronic 18 year old who's 'done a course' hacks at it but always ends up asking me to sort it out for her. Ј10 quid on scissors and common sense sorts it. We both used to have our hair cut in India once a year (60p each) but now don't even bother with that. It's not rocket science, just look in any 'salon' - no rocket scientists in any of them.
    (I still ask her if she's booked her holidays yet though and insist she calls me Tracey - but that's a different story).
    Nobody has yet commented on our hair, and knowing our 'friends' they would if they could.
  • Ј4 a haircut in South London! Bargain. The Barbers around here are like a conveyer belt.
  • I used to cut my own hair then my OH used to tidy up my work. Overall though it took a lot longer and the work was a tad worse than now and we had to clean up all my hair trimmings off the floor.
    Now though i just pay someone.
  • I cut my fringe and I usually bribe my son to trim the back.
    I am growing the back but when its long enough i'm going to invest in one of these.
  • Lol. That's f**** funny
  • I use clippers on my oh's hair, olderst daughter lets me trim her fringe cos i know how long she likes it, and i trim the length on both daughters hair, i go to my mams mobile hairdresser who charges Ј6.00 every six weeks.
  • number 4 gets me done for free every time. but not everyone is blessed with the beautiful shaped head i have!!
  • My son's pretty hippy (except they call it "surfer dude" now) so I just take an inch off his fringe when I can no longer see his eyes. I do mine the same, just a bit off when I can't see out very well. DH never has his done.
    Doesn't save us a fortune because we'd all be going for the cheapest place possible, as few times a year as we could get away with, but it does save us some.
  • OH pays Ј5 each for him and eldest son's haircuts and Ј4 for our youngest. This is a small independent salon.
    I pay Ј20 for mine, probably don't get it done as often as I should.
    I disagree with the poster a few posts up. I can tell a trainee or newly qualified hairdresser a mile off. My hair type takes experience and practice to cut properly. If it's done wrong then it's a nightmare, for me and the hairdresser. It's a skill like any other. Badly cut or dyed hair can be spotted a mile off, most people are too polite to say anything.
  • I have always cut my sons (two of them) hair. After seeing my older sons father coming out of a barbers several times looking like he's been attacked by a hedge trimmer, I felt I could do a much better job. He agreed ha ha.
    However, I will admit that because my hair is a bit of a pain and needs layers.., I go to a hair dressers to have mine done and have kttens every time convinced its going to be a disaster. More skills than mine are required to make it look good.
    But I think, with practice anyone can do a basic trim of hair if care is taken. I certainly don't have my sons looking like a bowl has been stuck on their head.
  • So far, the only one in the house who needs a professional cut is my husband. The lads enjoy having their hair shorn by dad with the clippers & my hair is long enough for me to trim it (although I delegate sometimes!)
    Whenever the lads get interested in whizzy haircuts, they tease each other out of the idea within minutes. (Eldest 14, not sure how long this can last!)