26 Feb 2015

Morrisons saver stamps

A question about : Morrisons saver stamps

Does anyone who shops at Morrison 's know if they are still doing the Saving stamps this year? Our daughter says she was unable to get any today in her local store. Many thanks

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26 Feb 2015

Aldi / Lidl foods v Basic /Smart / Value brands

A question about : Aldi / Lidl foods v Basic /Smart / Value brands

Hello all,

There is a lot of threads and talk about how Lidl and Aldi have cheap foods compare to the major supermarkets.Some even say there is a food war going on, with reduce foods in Tesco and roll back Asda.

Friends however, maintain the cheap supermarket only brands are far cheaper than Aldi or Lidl

Does Aldi or Lidl have there own brands too?

Is it really about buyng foods from a variety of supermarkets, or is there really a one supermarket fits all overall good value store?

26 Feb 2015

50p tinned foods

A question about : 50p tinned foods

In my local Asda tonight (Eastleigh/Chandlers ford) a selection of 50p tins for the store cupboard. Heinz, Branston etc, ravioli, soup, spaghetti, beans, sausage & beans, Fajita beanz etc. Good to stock up on for this price if it is something you use/like, although possibly not as cheap as own brand. HTH.

26 Feb 2015

M&S Ј10 dine in with wine

A question about : M&S Ј10 dine in with wine

the Ј10 offer is on again this year. Follow the link to see what's included http://www.marksandspencer.com/s/foo...173f0cda36da9a

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