26 Feb 2015

A question about : Funeral attire- need help ASAP!

Hi all,

It's my husbands auntys funeral on Thursday. We very rarely saw her so not that close but obviously we are there to support my mil and hubby's nan. I have absolutely nothing to wear for it in my wardrobe and can't get to any other shops before then other than Asda or tesco. I don't have black trousers or a black skirt or any kind of trousers actually other than jeans. I also don't have a black dress or any kind of blouse. I have a couple of black jumpers and I wondered if these would look acceptable with black skinny leg jeans (no rips or fades). We are short on money at the moment and I very rarely black so want something I could wear again. Going shopping in an hour or so so help needed ASAP if anyone can advise? Bear in mind Asda and tesco will have limited options and its too late to order off the Internet

Thanks in advance

Best answers:

  • I think black jeans and top will be fine.
  • facebook selling groups locally to you? Ebay nearest to your search and ask if you can collect.
    Pack of dye and something else you have in your wardrobe to dye?
    Ask Friends of a similar size. If i friend asked me i wouldn't hesitate to help out.
    Freecycle post a want.
    Good luck with supermarket i am sure you will find something.
  • Personally, I would tell you M-I-l you have no black clothes, would she and nan mind very much if you just wore something else.
    Not everyone is obsessed with some notion that you have to wear black in order to be respectful.
    I was in a very similar situation to you a few years ago and had nothing in black and no chance to buy anything, even if I could have afforded to. Distant family welcomed me warmly and were not bothered by my wearing the only summer frock I owned, they were just thrilled I had travelled the long distance to attend.
    My own family, including those in their 80's truly wouldn't care what people wore to any funeral of ours. We would just be grateful people were there.
  • It doesn't necessarily have to be black, dark colours will do. Have you got anything grey/navy/burgundy?
  • I would never wear jeans to a funeral, it comes across as disrespectful. Asda sell basic black trousers for less than Ј10.
  • If you order from Asda or Tesco clothing online (before a specific time,) you can collect in-store next day in the afternoon/eve.
  • Nothing grey navy or burgundy no and no trousers or skirts of appropriate length or dresses. I'm 24 so not had many funerals to attend and I'm
    A stay at home mum who has lost weight so all the workwear I had is too big now to the point of falling down. No friends locally to ask to borrow anything and none that are same size further afield. Thank you for all suggestions so far,
    Hoping for miracles in the supermarket
  • I didn't have anything to wear recently for my partners Nana's funeral as we were in a similar boat and not much spare at the time to buy anything new. In the end I wore a white peplum dress that had a black flower pattern on it that I wore to a friends wedding last year with thick black tights, a black blazer and heels.
    If you really haven't got anything then asda sell black trousers for about Ј6. I wouldn't wear jeans to a funeral x
  • I bought a fab black dress from Sainsburys a week or so ago. It's a shift dress with a 60s feel, plain layer underneath with a top layer of kind of crocheted/lace circles? It looks great with Audrey Hepburn hair! I bought it on a 25% off day and it went down to Ј16.50.
  • The jeans will be fine as long as they don't look too jeany ifyswim, tbh I should think looking at what you are wearing will be the last of their worries.
    If really unsure about the jeans quick pop to the charity shop might do the trick, I bought my funeral dress there, not for my funeral, the dress i wear to funerals, it is a beautiful black wool marks and spencers, cost me Ј1.50.
  • When my mother died, my dad was so deep in grief and despair he went to her funeral looking like a tramp. Green corduroys, open necked shirt, tatty old anorak.
    None of us could get through to him at that time about tidying himself up a bit.
    And on the day, nobody said a word. It just didn't matter.
  • The supermarkets will definitely have a plain black/dark coloured dress in stock. You can always click and collect from Asda and Tesco, if you can make a trip over the next couple of days and don't find anything tonight.
    Keep the label on the dress, make sure you don't get make-up or deodorant marks on it, and return the next day and say it didn't fit!
  • It's going there that counts. People really won't mind what you wear. When my dad died my daughters wore two of his old sweaters. I've already said I don't want black at my funeral.
    If you feel you have to wear black, the supermarkets will have something.
  • If it was a funeral within my family I would probably have worn the jeans as I know nobody would mind. However hubby's family are more image conscious (think spending a lot of money on clothes and having wardrobes stuffed to the rafters) so I feel more pressured to look appropriate and to fit in
  • Not everyone wears black - my father didn't want black worn at his funeral so I wore blue and navy blue. OH's family very trad black tho. Could you not call a relie ?
  • I wouldn't care less what people wore to my funeral. I'd just want them all to be together, talking about how awesome I was.
    Just go. Try to look smart but go even if you can't.
  • I wore black skinny jeans and a black jumper to my husbands funeral. My mil wore all different colours, she refused to wear black. It didn't bother me at all. A lot of people wore many different types of clothes in varying colours and some were even in their work clothes. None of it was important. They attended, that's what counts.