26 Feb 2015

What Freebies Have You Received Today?

A question about : What Freebies Have You Received Today?

Please post all discussions about what freebies you have received today on this thread.

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26 Feb 2015


A question about : Pigsback


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26 Feb 2015

Complaint Letter Successes

A question about : Complaint Letter Successes

Hi all MSE'rs

Wanted to start a post where peeps could share their experiences of writing complaint letters & whether they got any result (and more importantly any free stuff!)

Am a bit of a one for writing letters myself but have had mixed results. It seems some companies are only to keen to dosh out freebies whilst others, even when you have a really serious geniune complaint are downright mean.

26 Feb 2015

A list of worthwhile sites for baby freebies

A question about : A list of worthwhile sites for baby freebies

Hi, I noticed that there's been a few requests for info on baby freebies, so, here's some that I have used and found useful and maybe you kind folks could add to the list for all parents and parents-to-be..............................

try registering with Bounty.com they will send you vouchers etc., Good Luck and congrats on your expected wee bundle of joy.........get as much sleep as possible just now, while you can. xxxx