26 Feb 2015

A question about : Free Cinema Tickets

Please use this thread to chat about the free cinema ticket offers title=Smile

Please note that swapping of tickets should not be posted as it is against the site rules to exchange personal details. See here.

If you obtained your tickets via seefilmfirst, you should email them so they can re-allocate your tickets.


If by change you cannot make it to a screening, we can give your ticket to someone else. Please let us know by e-mail on icantgo@seefilmfirst.com

Other than doing that, you can use sites like freecycle to give your tickets to someone title=Smile

Best answers:

  • i just had to christen this new thread
    the tickets i won from yahoo movies renault came through today and its for .............
    yep the tickets are blank i can use them for any showing at odeon upto feb 2009. so i am going to save them for a special film
  • Just got 2 adult and 2 children cinema tickets from PG tips, with a mug and a bag of popcorn- no idea where from though!
  • Wow, we all seem to be pretty successful in winning ticket comps at the moment!
  • ooo new thread!
  • But why are they going to the trouble in offering us tickets for specific films if the tickets they send out are for anything? Doesn't make sense to me at all.
  • Heatherw_01, thanks for opening a new thread and for removing the chat posts from the codes thread. If you could please move the posts for past screenings as well, the codes thread would be at least 12 posts lighter!
  • I managed to get two tickets for Flashbacks of a Fool with the Express voucher (will go next Weds. to Greenwich Odeon to see it with my husband).
    I tried all over the place to get tickets for 21 (that my daugther would have loved to see!) or In Bruges (that all my family want to see! Colin Farrell.... yummy... well maybe my husband has a different motivation from mine and my daughter's for wanting to see that film hehe) but had no success.
    I entered the Time Out competition for In Bruges, crossing fingers on that!
    I love winning film tickets! This forum is GREAT! THANK YOU ALL!
  • :confused: Went to the Odeon at Manchester last night with tickets to watch "21" only to find having been seated for 15 mins,we had been directed to wrong screen!
    As film started we realised it was "In Bruges" at which point we did not want to bother moving.Anyway as it turned out film was brilliant.
    Anyone got any idea what next free film offers will be?
  • New thread! Ok I went to see 21 on Monday at Vue Islington. Nice cinema, v.packed (although not as bad as when I saw TOBG). I enjoyed it, did seem to drag on a bit, but good story - a bit predictable. Liked the main character and Kevin Spacey and Laurence Fishburne were equally menacing in their opposing roles. I'd give it 8.5/10.
    In Bruges at Greenwich last night, was in the larger screen 4 which was quite nice. ummm, not sure about this one. At times I thought it was good and then I felt quite bored. Someone on the old thread said it would work well as a play - I'd agree on that. I'd give it 6/10.
  • Could someone tell me what the Yahoo movies/Renault tickets are please- with a link would be even better
  • I wish someone had said about those yahoo tickets earlier then I'd have done my work email as well and got the whole family in over Easter! But its fab anyway.
    In Bruges last night was wicked haven't been to a good 18 cert with a good looking guy (Colin Farrell) and a laugh in ages. A lot of the F word and some un-PC jokes but came out having really enjoyed it. 9/10
  • A while ago I signed up for the Showcase Insider Club because even though the cinema at Paisley isn't really that near me, I figured if anything really good came up I would take someone who didn't mind driving there. Just got my first ticket offer, for Flashbacks of A Fool, but it's the same night I'm already going to see In Bruges! The latter is in a cinema much nearer to me so I'll go to that, don't think I can give anyone my FOAF tickets because they have my name on them and you need to be a member of this 'club' to sign up for them, but figured I'd say in case anyone with a showcase cinema near them wanted to sign up quickly and they might offer another batch of tickets. The link to sign up is in the codes thread near the beginning.