26 Feb 2015

Geeta's curry pastes 80G half price Ј0.50 (from Ј0.99)

A question about : Geeta's curry pastes 80G half price Ј0.50 (from Ј0.99)

I'm a fan of Geeta's Madras and Tikka curry pastes and buy them when reduced.

Tesco - follow the links

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26 Feb 2015

Tonic Water

A question about : Tonic Water

I know I like Schweppes Tonic Water, it contains sugar and saccharine. This is available generally for about Ј1/L.

I don't like the slimline version or Aldi's house brand, they both use aspartamine as a sweetener and I think it is that taste I dislike.

Does anyone have any suggestions for value tonic water that does not have aspartamine in?

26 Feb 2015

Christmas delivery slots

A question about : Christmas delivery slots

Hi all,

Does anybody know if any of the main supermarkets will release extra Christmas delivery slots over the next week or so? I have stupidly missed my chance to book and now stuck getting my Christmas veg on 21/12.

At a push I have a collection slot on 23/12 reserved with Asda but would rather Tesco or Sainsbury (and would rather not have to fight my way into town!)

26 Feb 2015

Chocolate rum truffles

A question about : Chocolate rum truffles

Does any one know where I can get a few boxes of chocolate rum truffles, I brought some from iceland supermarket before Christmas and they tasted really nice but now theres none left and probably a seasonal product, could there be some in Morrisons or poundland or 99p store Ive tried my local tesco and theres none in stock, thankyou in advance.