26 Feb 2015

Match & More..... Doesn't

A question about : Match & More..... Doesn't

I do my weekly shop at Morrisons and have been looking at their Baileys prices (Ј18 for 1 litre). No problem I thought, it's Ј12 at Tesco so they'll price match it when I get it with my groceries.

WRONG!! Checked my receipt and the bill showed .67p cheaper elsewhere on a Ј40 shop. I went to customer services to ask why it wasn't price matched and was told We can't be price matching against Tesco todaytitle=Mad

26 Feb 2015

SANZA Reductions

A question about : SANZA Reductions

SANZA have some reductions on food, but the best before dates are soon, or recently past.

e.g. this one is BB Dec 1st.
http://www.sanza.co.uk/Cadbury_Cherry_Ripe_Special.asp - 67p

and this one (30p) is BB Nov 14th http://www.sanza.co.uk/Cadbury_Choco...sh_Special.asp

26 Feb 2015

MSE News: Morrisons to begin price matching Aldi and Lidl

A question about : MSE News: Morrisons to begin price matching Aldi and Lidl

Tomorrow Morrisons is launching its new 'Match & More' scheme, which price matches against Aldi and Lidl...

Read the full story:

Morrisons to begin price matching Aldi and Lidl


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26 Feb 2015

WARNING re Sainsburys Nectar Points

A question about : WARNING re Sainsburys Nectar Points

Anyone had the coupons offering Bonus points e.g.
5 x Ј50 spend between certain dates earn 3500 points

I did my 5th spend the other day but the points did not appear on my receipt. I checked with customer service who said they would be added automatically in the next few days. This is INCORRECT! On closer inspection I have to have the coupon from my 5th spend scanned when I next shop.

Hope no one misses out on the bonus points.

(apologies if posted in wrong place)