09 Mar 2015

A question about : Fixed penalty notice

Hi, I received a fixed penalty notice yesterday under their description of littering. I tried to pay the fine to avoid the hassle of having to pay more if not paid in a certain amount of days. The FPN hadn't been updated on newham councils records yet. Which is when I noticed the mistake the enforcement officer had put on the paperwork. Although he told me I committed a CN1 offence at the time and put down the CN1 fine of Ј80 on the ticket he actually wrote down on the ticket I committed a CN7 offence which carried a Ј110 fine. Clutching at straws here but seems as the officer put down the wrong fine for the wrong offence is their any chance this will void the penalty notice?

Thanks in advance for your replies.

Best answers:

  • Possibly, it's only a penalty at the moment (it's not a fine) so you can only try and appeal. If you wish you can opt for this to be tried in court.
  • Trouble is they could also say that the 7 is a 1 some peoples handwriting, can be awful, you dont know the difference between the 7 and 1.
  • Gaylenne, it's a 7 with the - going through it. So certainly a 7