26 Feb 2015

A question about : Featured Jobs

I recently updated my CV on Jobsite recently because I gained a new skill. I received over 150 calls from recruitment agencies in four days. I was not expecting this.

I am quite happy in my current role, however I have searched a few of the job boards recently e.g. Jobsite, Total Jobs etc. All the adverts seem to be from agents. Are there any featured jobs around these days? I believe a featured job is one where the company advertises directly stating strictly no agencies. Are there any websites that specialise in featured jobs? I am a software developer.

Best answers:

  • Our local job boards (NI) all give an option to search your keywords or sectors in Agency Only, Company Only or Both. Maybe there is an advanced search option on the boards you are using that will allow you to tick or untick Agency?
    Also, while it is true that a lot of agencies are placing adverts for jobs that don't exist (against the regulations) or leaving adverts on after the role has been filled, just to build their CV database - don't rule out agencies completely. You may miss out on an amazing opportunity offered by an agency, because a company does not have the time or resources to recruit directly