26 Feb 2015

A question about : Everyone got snow ?

Morning !

We have snow here in Bridgend

My kids schools are closed,I was supposed to be working so looks like a lazy day now for me title=Have

My 2 boys are just having a warm up with toast and hot chocolate and are off back out in the cul de sac,they have been out there since 7.45 am !title=ROTFL

Best answers:

  • i am in county durham but just a dusting really.
    disapointed child just left for school, why not join your kids and make a snowman? make the most of it.
  • Snow here in Staffordshire ~ quite a lot and it's still falling ~ Son's school is closed so staying in today!
  • Not too much here in Notts, still snowing though.
    Ive let middle son stop off & eldest is coming home at lunchtime, youngest is off anyway with this awful bug thats doing the rounds.
    Its not often they see snow so we try & make the most of it
    Edit: LOADS of snow here now !!!!!!!!
  • I am worse than my 2yr old been sat moaning that we have no snow and looked out the window and its snowing its not big flakes though lots of little snow, lol just what I wanted for my birthday ps am in north east lincolnshire
  • Here in Glasgow we have a nice fresh sunny day.
    Apart from it being a bit nippy, and some frost on the cars, etc there is no snow whatsoever.
    It's not fair - I want to build a snowman!!
  • we have it here in Middlesex - several cms
  • Not a single flake here in deepest South West Wales Tenby/Pembroke area.
  • Plenty in the West Midlands and it's still snowing. All the schools in Dudley, Sandwell and Birmingham are closed and I'm working from home.
  • we are in essex and its been snowing all morning, all schools are closed so no work for me and its also the quickest my boys have got dressed in the morning, they were ready standing at the back door by 7.15, no shouting about cant find socks or thier shoes etc..... strange that.
    have already built our first snowman and had snow ball fights, dogs included its thier first snow too they love.
  • 4 boys wet clothes drying aroud the house!
  • Plenty of snow in the Neath valleys. All the local schools shut. Local kids making a giant snowball.
  • Cardiff was very white this morning, but it's raining now. The snowman lovingly built this morning, is already looking a little worse for wear! I'd booked the day off work anyway today so I'm lucky I didn't have to trudge through the snow for the bus and sit in wet clothes all day.
  • E Sussex here - yes, we've snow and the trains are screwed!
  • lots of snow in aberystwyth...I can't remember the last time I saw so many students up and out of bed so early! its....2inches deep here (ish) and still falling a bit
  • Hi
    Snow in south Essex near where the Thames joins the North Sea. I looked out at 7.30 this morning and the car looked like a little cottage-loaf, just a round blob covered with snow. Now, it has stopped snowing and seems to be thawing quite rapidly.
    Please, everyone, feed the birds!
  • Very light covering here in Huddersfield but small flakes still falling
  • Quite a bit here in the Gwent Valley. Its stopped snowing here now but its not melted as yet.
    If its melting in Bridgend and raining in Cardiff I dare say it will be gone from here soon later this afternoon.
    Let the cat out, she sunk up to her armpits in it! She wasnt happy bless her
  • took us ages them some big kids came and knocked it down but managed to take a photo in time