26 Feb 2015

A question about : eBay listing challenge

This is my new attempt at hosting a goal, if there's already this one then please let me know and I'll hop over and join it but I did have a search though..

I know I have things to sell, and I know I need the money, but I just don't seem to be able to get motivated, I'm hoping this will help kick my bum in to action and hopefully we can spur each other on to sell sell sell!

January 2015 eBay Challenge

1. Grassgirl______________ 0/20
2. 32b3in2013____________0/20
3. Buffythedebtslayer______0/20
4. Vintagebrighton_________0/20
5. Somerandom___________0/20
6. Sarahm0rris_____________0/20
7. Takingcontrolatlast_______10/10
8. Peatles_________________2/20
9. Darwins_mum____________17/20
12.Kittycat1981_____________20/20 title=Thanks,

*there are now 20 free listings per month on eBay, no matter what the start price is so you only need pay the final value fees on those 20! (excluding motors and classifieds)

Who's with me? title=Have

Best answers:

  • Hello
    Can I join?
    I NEED to sell loads of shoes!
    and pet related stuff
    and fish related stuff
    and stuff related stuff!
  • Hello and welcome to you both!
    32b3in2013 you are indeed number 2
    Buffythedebtslayer, you're number 3 how many would you like to aim for?
  • I'll join
    I'm forever saying I'll list just to get rid of stuff but I don't do it! I could do with the extra pennies though and goodness knows, the place needs clearing.
    I'll aim for 20 in December..... feel free to give me a shove now and again
    VB x
  • Vintagebrighton welcome welcome
    I will add you as number 4 when I'm on my pc but just on phone at the moment x
  • 20
    God Knows when I will find the time! Next week for sure XX
  • how are we doing guys?
    maybe just pick one thing as a starting point straight away now
  • I will be dong all my 20 tomorrow
    It's too cold to go out and I keep buying stuff I don't need, so I will stay in and eBay
  • fabulous 32b3
    going to be a 7 day listing? I get impatient with mine hehe
    starting mine monday after a mad weekend at work x
  • Evening
    I only managed to list 15 items today,but there are still a few weeks left in December, so I will get to 20. I might even do more than 20 before the end of the month
    No is everyone else doing?
  • have been listing stuff on preloved and will get round to E bay nearer Christmas.
    I just loathe the trying to get to the post office!
  • I've been very remiss and not listed atall yet......I'll report back when I've managed something!
    VB x
  • Went out to the football yesterday and very hungerover today so tomorrow will be my start day, only aiming for a couple and i'll see how i get on..might try and do one a day so theyre staggered finishes
    nice one 32b3, setting a great example, will update
  • Hi - thanks for the invite grassgirl. I really struggle to motivate myself with eBay so very much need the support of a group. I pushed myself over the weekend & listed over 20 items (although some of them were multiples so I've probably got a few free listing slots left) - but I still have some photos to add & measurements for the clothes.
    So I will aim for 20 fully completed listings this month.
  • Well done somerandom x
    20 more from what you've done already? fair play
    Going to attempt a couple today, after a morning of procrastination!
  • So an update!
    Had a big nap as feeling quite rough but managed to get one listed yay, I'm off the starting block!
    How are we doing?
  • Just want to let you all know from my 20 free listings this month I have made Ј271.00! I am a new MSE forum person and I was new to Ebay too
    I'm really chuffed!
    It was all old handbags and shoes and purses and bits of jewellery....
    I've managed to clear one credit card with this
    Just a bit of inspiration for you all.. although I agree that the post office trips are a bit annoying it's all worth it.. I'm definitely doing it again this month!