25 Feb 2015

A question about : E: WEEKLY (Sat,3pm)Win Ј250,000/Ј5,000 -Super 6 Football Prediction Game(Join/Log in)

Competition Info: http://super6.skysports.com/how-to-play

Enter: http://super6.skysports.com (Click Join or Log in, top right)

Simply predict the correct scores for our six selected matches for your chance to win Ј250,000! If no-one predicts all six scores correctly then our Ј5,000 guaranteed prize will go to the person with the highest score of the round.

Some weekends the total will be Ј1,000,000 (Yes, Ј1million!) for predicting all 6 matches correctly or Ј10,000 to the next best predictor. Free to play.

Check the bottom post for this week's fixtures.

Best answers:

  • Special one this weekend
  • Thanks again for this David
    Linky to helpful info re guessing the scores:
    Blu X
  • http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sponsored...ionsHomepageGC
  • Thanks as always for updating these fab footie comps
    I was thinking today about these comps, specifically about where it asks you to guess the earliest goal. There are two ways that could be taken:
    1) That all games run from zero to 90+ whatever time they kick off. So that the earliest goal is the one that takes place closest to zero, out of all games.
    2) If there is an early kick off, then the first goal of that game would be the earliest, even if it happened during second-half stoppage time.
    I've always assumed it was option one. But I'm not sure. What do you/anyone else think?
    Blu X
  • Looks to be a winner this week with all 6 correct scores. Though her name has now been removed from the leaderboard.
  • Another winner today from Birmingham!
    Ј250,000 for a free bet!
  • Does anyone put tips on for the Soccer Saturday Super Six ?
    I usually follow the punters reccomendations - but every week they are wrong
  • Enter: https://super6.skysports.com
    Week 32 entries to be in by Saturday 28th February, 3pm.
    Premier League:
    Burnley v Swansea
    Manchester United v Sunderland
    Newcastle v Aston Villa
    Stoke v Hull
    West Brom v Southampton
    Championship: Sheffield Wednesday v Middlesbrough
    and time of the 1st goal.
    You can click 'Stats' underneath each game for some help to see which way people expect the game to go or have a look at the Premier League table: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/tables
    Championship table (when needed): http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/championship/table
    Join the MSE league if you wish: https://super6.skysports.com/league/534N6Y
  • Well I got Chelsea 1 Burnley 1 = applause please!!!
    Unfortunately the other 5 games let me down LOL