25 Feb 2015

A question about : E: 31/03? Win a Mitsubishi Evo Caralot (FB) 50,000 likes needed



Caralot have another car giveaway, they are going to announce what car it will be in the next few days, but they also need 50,000 likes.

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  • Currently on 31,029 likes.
  • https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=765963303451253
    You can win a Mitsubishi Evo when Caralot reach 50000 likes.
    You can suggest what modifications they should make on the car, colour, wheels etc.
    Currently 32,048 Likes
  • More details:
    SILVER, ONCE WE REACH 50,000 LIKES ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE WE WILL BE GIVING ONE OF OUR FOLLOWERS THIS MITSUBISHI LANCER EVOLUTION IV FOR FREE!, Four wheel-drive, 5 seats, This incredible turbo charged iconic Japanese super saloon has just arrived with us here at Caralot. Recently we gave away a vintage Ford Capri to one of our followers when we reached 25,000 likes and to celebrate reaching 50,000 likes this vehicle will be given away too! Over the next few weeks we will get you to help us modify the Evo! You will help us choose a new colour, new wheels, steering wheel, gear stick, what engine modifications we do plus lots lots more! If you want to help design this vehicle and then have a chance to win it please find and like our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/caralot The quicker we get to 50,000 likes the quicker one of you will win this car so please share it with your friends and family! We have just had the Evo to a local Mitsubishi Evolution specialist who has prepared and checked the car extensively and it is in fine mechanical condition. The car will get a full professional respray from ourselves and lots of other enhancements based on how our Facebook followers want the car to look. We are very excited about our latest car giveaway and can't wait to see the finished article once we reach our target of 50,000 likes! So please like and share our Facebook page, interact with us on social media and help us design the car, we can't wait to meet one of you and to present you with the keys to this beast!, Caralot, the most enjoyable car buying experience you'll ever have. Family run business, open 7 days, Ј50,000, This is an imported vehicle
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  • Currently 32,811
    Here we go sports fans, our first question for you regarding the MITSUBISHI EVO! You have 24 hours to vote, do we keep this Recaro window sticker on the EVO or remove it? Like the picture then comment either KEEP or REMOVE! At 4pm tomorrow we will have a decision from you all, remember this is YOUR Mitsubishi EVO sports fans, you decide its future! Get commenting!!!
  • The Mitsubishi Evo IV giveaway car has no floor mats. If this photo gets over 500 likes by 2pm on Monday we will buy a new set for it! Please like this image and help make YOUR Evo better sports fans!
  • Currently on 34,174
    They say two heads are better than one.... The rear lights on the Mitsubishi Evo IV #50K car giveaway beast have been getting some abuse from you all sports fans. If this image gets 1000 likes before the end of the weekend the Captain will fit an original set of rear lights back onto YOUR Mitsubishi Evo IV and throw these clear ones in the bin! Get liking folks #LTD
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  • Currently on 45,582 likes
  • Now on 47,667 likes
  • Bumped as Caralot are now on 49814 so nearly at the 50,000
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  • 49993 (seven away from the 50000)
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  • 50000 target now hit!!!!!!!
  • 5-6 days before they post up how to enter...
  • Email to: competitions@caralot.co.uk
    Add to the body of the email:
    Facebook user name
    Actual name
    Contact number.
  • Out of interest, before entering, has anyone had a car ins quote on it?? Let alone the type of car, just thinking a modified import is going to be hard/expensive to insure..
  • Hi,Kirri.
    I doubt that I would have it long to worry too much.It would be on Ebay within the week.