22 Mar 2015

A question about : Drydens fairfax

Hello My hubby and I had a joint account with Halifax which had an overdraft owing on it .
My hubby was made bankrupt in July 2013 and was told by the official receiver that any joint debts will now be my responsibility .
I understand I am responsible for this debt now ..we have been receiving letters from drydens fairfax acting on behalf of Halifax .. I can't afford to pay the debt so I was going to write to all the joint debts and offer token payments . I have received a letter today from drydens fairfax saying a previous offer has been withdrawn to pay a discounted amount to pay off the debt . I do remember getting this letter but I haven't corresponded with them yet .
They say they are now going to advise their clients to obtain a ccj . What do I do now ? Do I just write to them and offer token payments ?
Also my hubby has been getting the exact same letters so they are either ignoring the fact he is bankrupt or they are not aware ?
Do I write to them informing of hubby's bankruptcy and offer token payments from myself ?
Also can I ask them not to ring me as they have been making calls to my mobile a few times a day .(which I have been ignoring )
Any advice appreciated

Best answers:

  • Yes just write to them to offer token payments based on what you can afford.
    They should already know your husband is bankrupt.
    Also include in the letter about all future communication being in writing - see this letter - Harassment by telephone