26 Feb 2015

A question about : does an executor have to keep beneficiaries informed

My brother is sole executor to my late mums estate he refuses to speak to me and has not kept me informed about the progress I have found out myself about the property being for sale and an offer has been accepted Mum's will leaves all her assets in equal share between us there is no debt on the estate I would like to know if he is legally bound to keep me informed I am concerned as when property sold will I get my share or will I need to take legal advise title=Frown

Best answers:

  • Executors are not required top keep benificaries informed; just to ensure the correct distribution of the estate.
    The Land Registry will list the price paid for the house; it is a matter of public record.
    Equally when probate is granted you can ask for the details from the Probate Registry if you want to check your brother's accounting.
    You should be sent a full account of the estate and be asked to sign that you accept it and if you are not, should ask for that.
  • I have done a bit of digging.
    benificiaries can ask for an "inventory and account" if this is not forthcomming a summons can be issued.
    This should include what the assets and liabilities were and what's happened to them.
    a seach on "executors inventory and account" will produce links with more info
    here is one to get you going, it also includes other usefull info relating to problem executors.
  • I am the executor to my father's estate. I have two difficult brothers. One has said his home phone does not accept incoming calls, he has no mobile & does not have an email address or computer. I do not have any contact details for the other brother and on requesting them from the other one he said he did not know where he lived & has not given me his phone number. I have said they can phone me (after 8pm as I have three young children who all attends clubs etc & due to work (3 jobs) & dinner). One brother has rung me once. I have been perfectly informative & pleasant. They have now just contacted the solicitor complaining that they are not being kept informed! There are two sides to every story!
  • There is a legal requirement that residual beneficiaries should be given a set of accounts to check and agree before payment is made however they can issue the cheque at the same time if you want them to. There is no requirement for an executor to keep beneficiaries informed however it is always a good idea to so they know what is happening or at what stage you are at with regards to finalising the estate.