09 Mar 2015

A question about : Definition of Formal letter re gym membership

Hi ,

Looking for some help please .

My son has a gym membership which he has been unable to use since September due to reallocation .

He spoke to the gym early October and they said that if he provided a letter from his employer to state this they would allow him to cancel .

Because he is away it took several weeks to get the letter which clearly stated his name etc and was signed by his branch manager staiting that he has been working away since September .

In the meantime they have continued to charge him his membership and several amounts of admin fees .

Today he has received a letter stating that they will not cancel the membership as the letter was not a formal document they advise that they will continue with the fee and admin charges , and threatening further action .

What would your advice be please .

Thank you ,

Best answers:

  • Hi Mandi, thank you for your query regarding gym membership
    Unfortunately as this is not a debt or debt dispute at this time we cannot advise on your son's best course of action but I would suggest you contact our consumer helpline on 08454040506.
    Hope this is of assistance.