09 Mar 2015

A question about : default on credit file after bankruptcy

Hi I went bankrupt in 2010 and just getting my credit back to a good score. Recently checking my credit file I see a default by a company called TTI SPC who I never dealt with. All my other stuff is marked as satisfactory and settled, where as the TTI SPC information shows as a default and satisfied and is slightly lowering my credit score. I emailed the said company(TTI SPC) and they haven't responded. I now going to send a letter to the company, do you think they'll amend the details on my credit report to correspond with all the others that was in the bankruptcy at all. Does anyone know who TTI SPC are as all google searches don't really fetch anything up
Cheers guys

Best answers:

  • tti tend to deal with mail order like kays catalogue
    i have one from them marked satisfied it stays on till the six year mark