09 Mar 2015

A question about : Debt free at last!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I have just paid off the last full and final offer - lousy offers but at least I am done with it all, 4 months before retirement.

I began my debt management plan with Payplan 7 years ago almost to the day - they have been a life saver. My partner and my mother gave me enough money to make final offers to 16 creditors. My credit record is wrecked but I don't care - wouldn't want any more credit anyway.

To those of you still in the midst of it all, it does get better, it does end and there is life after debt!!


Best answers:

  • wow!!! Well done Poppy! I am really pleased for you. Cant wait to join you in being debt free, not long now for me!
  • Very well done
  • Woooo!
    I love reading success stories, well done
  • amazing well done.x
  • The one thing I will not do is look back and worry about how I could have been so stupid in the first place or think about what I could have done with all the money that I have paid over the last 7 years! I want to put it all behind me and move on. I have managed to live without credit for 7 years so can continue without it. I am much better with money now. My main regret is how much worry it has caused me and my family, especially before I went on the debt management plan - sleepless nights, scared to answer the phone or open the post.
    My partner isn't here at the moment - perhaps I will treat myself to a Chinese takeaway!
  • Well done Poppy . It's a great feeling isn't it?
    Now look forward to a long and happy debt free retirement.
  • Congratulations, I hope you got the Chinese.
  • Well done Poppy! You definatly deserve that Chinese! x
  • Very Well Done!!!
  • Congratulations and Well done
    What's the plan now?
  • Congratulation !
    I will be there with you very shortly !
  • Congratulations and very well done
  • Well done Poppy - 7 years is a small price to pay, now enjoy the many debt free years to come
  • Congratulations and well done
    Love reading threads like this and love how there is so many cropping up at the moment and about those who are nearly there as well.
    I find them motivating myself and am always really pleased for the person as its not an easy thing to do and they deserve to be happy about it