09 Mar 2015

Scuba's Saving the Ha'Pennies

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After my somewhat unpredictable last year I have moved back to the South and am starting my debt free journey from a new start point.

Last year I was unemployed for almost 8 months which unhelpfully coincided with the things I had organised before my unemployment and I didnt want to cancel (the wedding of one of my best friends, my annual trip to Twickenham for a rugby match among them) so my debt managed to increase but not massively.

09 Mar 2015

Debt free by 40 -- 19 Months and counting

A question about : Debt free by 40 -- 19 Months and counting

Morning Fresh New Diary,

Ok, so I am currently 38.1/2 years old and have around 19k worth of debt. (desperately wishing the shocked smiley was working!).

I have decided that I am going to set myself a challenge to be debt free by 40. That is currently 19 months away.
That works out at around Ј1000 per month that I need to plough into debts.

09 Mar 2015

The 'I'm less money-idiot more money-savvy' Diary

A question about : The 'I'm less money-idiot more money-savvy' Diary

Well Hello everyone - Imagine meeting you here!

After a few months (4 to be exact!) of posting on the following thread:


I thought is was appropriate to start a diary as my old thread appears to have morphed into one anyway!

I was told I needed to stop calling myself an idiot too hence the new title!

09 Mar 2015

Keeping up appearances.......

A question about : Keeping up appearances.......

Welcome to my debt-free diary. I am going to use it to monitor my progress as I start my (very) long journey towards debt freedom. I hope it will inspire me to stay motivated when the going gets tough. Because the going WILL get tough from time to time - I have an absolute marathan ahead of me.